Who we are

LASVIT is a Czech-based designer and manufacturer of bespoke lighting installations, ready-to-shine collections and glass for architecture. The company was founded in 2007, yet is part of the long glassmaking history of Northern Bohemia.


We connect the know-how of skilled craftsmen with modern technology. LASVIT lighting installations shine in more than 2 200 hotels, private residences, cruise ships and other public and private spaces all over the world.

Our esence

Our essence

The name LASVIT is composed of the Czech words for 'Love' and 'Light'.

We create design which tells a story closely entangled with the place for which it has been made. Back in the day, we set our goal to become the most inspirational glassmakers in the world, and each year is another step on our journey.

The "L" factor

Born into a glassblowing family in Liberec, Czech Republic, our founder Leon Jakimič has great respect for the glassmaking craft which has been in his family for six generations. He founded LASVIT with the vision of bringing a piece of beauty, light and the Bohemian spirit to clients worldwide. Leon steers the company with the utmost respect for tradition, but also brings enthusiasm for cutting-edge design and innovation.

Bespoke Lighting Installations

What we do

Bespoke Lighting Installations

We create tailor-made lighting installations which are unique, each telling its own story through glass. Pieces of our work are scattered in more than 2 200 places, from hotels, public spaces and cruise ships, to private residences and yachts.

Ready-to-shine Collections

Ready-to-shine Collections

Beauty is not limited by size. We have created dozens of design lightings and glassware intended for smaller spaces. Our portfolio features pieces from the most influential designers like Nendo, Zaha Hadid or Arik Levy, but we have also raised many talented designers.

Glass for Architecture

Glass for Architecture

We have also transformed glass into a modular system for use in architecture. We build glass walls and partitions, as well as external building facades and curtain walls. Sometimes, we push the envelope even further – our latest enterprise is a glass house in Nový Bor, the proud headquarters and heart of LASVIT.

Why us

We create pieces tailor-made for the place and the client. Our lightings take pride in storytelling design.

Storytelling image

Craftmanship image

We follow the tradition of the oldest glassworks – Chřibská 1414 – and take pride in a high level of craftmanship made to Bohemian perfection.

For us, the sky is the limit. We keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible to make with human hands. Let your imagination fly, we will take care of the rest.

Limit image

Innovation image

Our products connect craftmanship with Innovation. We always keep one finger on the pulse of progress.

From A to Z, the project is our responsibility. We deliver full service from the first sketch to the last glass component we place.

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Award image

We are an award-winning company. Our cutting-edge approach brought us the prestigious Milan Design Award 2018.


"LASVIT’s HQ is a light-filled lesson in creative restoration."

Neue Bücher Beitung

"Lasvit has become the new ambassador for an old Bohemian tradition."

Architektur & Wohnen

"LASVIT leads the Czech glass industry to new heights"

The Telegraph

"The scale of chandeliers, created by LASVIT, is enough to make your head spin."


"The founder of the glassware company LASVIT is pushing the limits of genre with groundbreaking installations and exciting collaborations."


Lasvit HQ


LASVIT Ajeto Glassworks

LASVIT Ajeto Glassworks

Showroom Prague

Showroom Prague

Atelier New York

Atelier New York