For the eighth time we delivered trophies for Tour de France

Published 29 Aug 2019

Even this year, the winners of the Tour de France again celebrated victory by lifting high a trophy made in Czechia. We have again had the honor of producing the crystal trophy, designed by Peter Olah every year since 2011 in collaboration with Škoda Auto.

Every year however, it changes in its cut and finish, which Peter Olah designs every year anew. The trophy receives each of the four winning riders. It is made from one piece of hand-blown and hand-cut crystal glass, each weighing almost four kilograms and standing over sixty centimeters tall.

This year’s design was inspired by the traditional Czech craft of glass-cutting itself, and it dons a truly challenging finish – the “spitzstein” method. “It is one of the most traditional cutting methods, one which many Czech people might recognize from the glassware of our grandmothers. It consists of regular squares which are finely cut into the shape of a pyramid,” says designer Peter Olah.

This year’s unique cut was made by a 75-year-old master craftsman who spent a full three days in creating it.





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