Our Projects Both Big and Small – 2019 in retrospect

Published 13 Jan 2020

You know our custom-made installations and collections, you’ve heard about our exhibitions from around the world, but there is still much more to the LASVIT brand. Look over the numbers from last year.

16 282 – As part of our charity work, we raised that many Czech crowns at our Christmas party. Just like last year, the earnings will go to the LASVIT Foundation.
In tandem with the foundation, we also helped the senior’s home in Sloup v Čechách and in spring – already for the second time – we touched up their garden.

700 – That’s how many ninth-grade students we introduced to the ins and outs of the project manager position as part of the Živá knihovna povolání (The Living Vocational Library) in the town of Česká Lípa.

220 – That is how many children we welcomed at the St. Nick’s celebrations in the glassworks and the glassworkers‘ pub of Lasvit Ajeto. Some of us were dressed as devils, angels, and St. Nicholas, and we brought the children presents as well as a bit of fire and brimstone.

5 – Our career video got into the TOP 5 finalists in the Recruitment Academy Awards‘ Career Video of the Year – Small Firms category. The success follows close on the heels of our new career website, which we launched just last year.

5 – For the fifth time, we supported the Educa MYJOB job and study fair in Liberec. Last year, we again created trophies for the winner of the competition for the Best School and Company Stand.

3 – For the third time in a row, we took part in the iKariéra career fair which took place at the Czech Technical University in Prague. The students could meet our colleagues from construction and design, and we also showed them one of our dandelions which adorns the Changi airport in Singapore.

2 – For the second time, we became a partner of the architectural-urbanist concept competition for university students called Superstudio. And we also created trophies for the winning team.


Superstudio trophies 2019

2 – For the second year already, we became partners of the Glass school in Nový Bor. This year, we prepared two workshops for the students in which they worked or studied alongside our experts.

This year also was the second time we made an appearance at the Glass School Open Night.

1 – And one primacy to finish off with: last year, we completed our headquarters in Nový Bor, which were properly launched in June. For the first time ever, we organized the Open House for the public.

Thank you all for helping us inspire the world together.

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