Double the Happiness – We lit up the stage at the Czech Industry Challenge

Published 19 Nov 2019

This newly-founded competition aims to support technical and manufacturing crafts, and this year we were double trouble! The expert jury of the Czech Industry Challenge all-national initiative, also supported by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, was judging the visual presentation for purposes of recruiting employees of some of the most cutting edge companies on the market today. And we placed second in the categories of Industrial Photography and Best Recruitment Flyer!

The acclaimed photograph shows our two designers, Katarína Kudějová-Fulínová and Kateřina Handlová, standing next to their ingenious interactive installation Traces. This installation allows you to “project“ feelings through color and motion, and we had presented it at this year’s Euroluce festival in Milan. The jury then awarded us second place for the recruitment flyer with the slogan Push the Boundaries of the Possible with Us, which we originally prepared for the job fair iKariéra, at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

But the story of the Czech Industry Challenge doesn’t end there, because the most interesting photographs from the world of Czech industry were selected for further exhibition at the traveling “Czech Industrial Photo” show. This exhibition will travel to various places around the Czech Republic, and will furthermore feature an image from the installation of our largest project so far – the two metal dragons which now light up the Saipan casino. Each one is 40 m long and weighs 20 tons, and they were built in over three years through the dedication and hard work of over one hundred people.

The first to see the exhibition so far were visitors of the MSV International Engineering Fair in Brno. In November, it will be shown at the JobChallenge fair in Brno, and in January it will travel to Ostrava. Residents of Prague can see it as part of the Science and Technology Festival or the Science Fair in Letňany.

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