EVE??? APPLE EMOTICON. You out of your fucking mind? WTF? HURRICANE EMOTICON That was a bit too much, wasn’t it? Was it necessary? We had a deal! ANGER EMOTICON, TEARS EMOTICON What am I to do now? How can I count on you?
Oh Adam, this breaks my heart. 5 heart emoticons. It’s happening by itself.
You’re a treacherous bitch! SKULL EMOTICON.
ROLLING EYES EMOTICON. HEART EMOTICON. Silly. Things with no seeming connection have their own rules. That’s the fucking geometry talked about. You can’t have everything set up in points. There’s rarely an obedient short line between the beginning and the end.
Stop lecturing me, will you? And those see-through skirts?
Last time you gave me a hard time about being dressed all in black. 2 BLACK MOON EMOTICONS. Do you even know what you want?
Will I see tomorrow? HEART EMOTICON

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