Date: June 17, 2017
Time: 10:45 PM
Place: Zámeček Beer Garden, Letná, Prague
Re: Discussing TAC/TILE with one Jack O., a regular, 60+ years, 10+ pints
„They’re takin’ ██ ████, I’m tellin’ ya. See, a useless ████ calls ’imself a ██████ artist, eh, flyin’ over ’ere from ███ knows where… trap full a ████ an’ ████ all. █████… An’ theys bend a piece a glass and sell ’at for ████loads a dough. An’ glass me ███, mind ya… piece a ████ glass on a piece a ████ metal. ████████ art, them piece a ████ ’em. Posh ████, them loaded █████. Let ’em do some work for change, see how it goes for ’em █████ in a week or two, tha’ll show ’em relax, eh… ███.”

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