LASVIT at Expo 2020 Dubai

1 Oct 2021 - 31 Mar 2022

Czech National Pavilion at the General World Exposition EXPO 2020

LASVIT will illuminate the desert at EXPO 2020 in Dubai with “Golden Rain”

The Czech expedition is bringing to the United Arabian Emirates the most precious jewel which the desert has to offer – water. LASVIT’s installation, entitled “Golden Rain,” is inspired by the building’s architecture which shows off the visible structures supposed to simulate its internal flows of energy and water. As part of the Expo 2020, the Czech pavilion will be presenting their method of producing water in the desert, and this was also the inspiration for LASVIT’s light installation.

The design was developed by the company’s Creative Director, Mr. Maxim Velčovský. “They say that in the desert, water has the price of gold, which is the symbolism behind choosing the color gold. Furthermore, gold also plays an important part in the production of water in the desert, because the water condenses in a unique system of membranes which have a naturally gold color. Basically, the system creates a network which captures the water from the air, and this moment of condensation was the main source of inspiration for me,” explains Velčovský.

The whole installation comprises dozens of individual golden strands which seem to flow down through the building. Within each one, there are glass bulbs which, thanks to their dynamic lighting, seem to pulse like drops of rain. The installation spans a full two storeys, and reaches a height of six metres. Golden Rain, which feels very organic in the interior, is a bold statement towards the environment as it establishes a natural link between traditional glassmaking and the use of modern technologies.

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