A bit of Milan in Prague: Designblok wouldn’t be complete without LASVIT

Published 13 Oct 2021

During Designblok 2021, LASVIT is coming closer to the lovers of Czech design. The Art House in Gabriel Loci, where the famous exhibition is taking place, shines bright thanks to Maxim Velčovský’s piece Memento Mori. LASVIT’s showroom shows visitors design ideas which the Czech glass and design company created for Milan Design Week.

Designblok is the biggest design exhibition in the Czech Republic. In 2016, LASVIT’s art director Maxim Velčovský was named the overall winner of Designblok Awards, and this year, his piece named Memento Mori lights up the Art House in the classical Gabriel Loci, the central exhibition stage of the twenty-third edition of this world-renown event.

In the name of disappearing crafts

The Latin phrase memento mori is the essence of this object, symbolizing birth and death, as well as the disappearing crafts which have been passed from one generation of Bohemian glassmakers to the next. As part of the Designblok set, the lighting is pulled on the original church pulley, which was in fact discovered in the church’s depths.

Meanwhile, Designblok continues in LASVIT’s showroom, where people can see brand new concepts made for the Milan Design Week – A:Live and Fireborn. Both of them show how light affects space and creates feelings.

Experience a virtual journey

It will be a partially real and partially virtual event, because A:Live offers a digital walk through an architect’s dream house. The house is an imaginary former glassworks, transformed into an almost surreal home, brought alive through the kinetic movement of this new design concept. Visitors are able to enjoy the virtual journey in a pop-up book showed on-site in the showroom, or wherever else – on-line here.

Fireborn is a new design concept by LASVIT’s artist Jana Růžičková. All glass is born out of the four elements of fire, water, earth and air, but fire makes their fusion possible. Fireborn is an ode to the poetics of raw beauty and glass craftsmanship. It is unique for its geometrical irregularities, composed of glass shards on a heavy metal structure. Fireborn offers many options of colour finishes and glass coatings, so there is always a perfect combination for almost any interior.

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