Best athletes celebrate their victory with trophies made by LASVIT

Published 27 Jul 2021

We are half-way through 2021 and LASVIT has already made several glass trophies for winners of various sports races and events, including Tour de France, WTA Livesport Prague Open, RunCzech team marathon Battle of the Teams and even the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Tour de France winners lifting high a trophy made by LASVIT has become somewhat of a tradition. The very first one was designed eleven years ago by Peter Olah, Head of Interior Design of ŠKODA AUTO, the race’s long-standing main partner, and was produced by LASVIT. However, every year the trophy is slightly different, because Peter Olah comes with a brand new cut and finish. “The decor of this year’s trophy resembles blades of grass or blossoming flowers, which gives the trophy a distinctly natural, almost feminine character,” describes Olah.

The outcome of the long-term partnership of LASVIT and the Czech Olympic Team is also a trophy for those athletes who win any Olympic medal. This tradition started in 2012, and the postponed Tokyo games of 2020 are no exception. This year’s design by Monika Kořínková has been inspired by the iconic Japanese red sun. It is named The Ray, and aims to always remind the athletes of their amazing success.

LASVIT and its Ajeto glassworks also designed and produced a unique trophy for the Prague marathon Battle of the Teams. “Running races are mostly individual, but in Battle of the Teams everyone fights for their team. Competitors want to achieve the best possible result in order to help their team. Teamwork, which is by the way one of LASVIT’s core values, drives us all to succeed together. Unity, strength and robustness best describe the team and our trophy,” says designer and glassblower Marek Effmert. The trophy weighs ten kilograms and symbolizes the entire team’s unity in the face of adversity.

This year, LASVIT also created a trophy for the winners of the WTA Livesport Prague Open 2021 tennis tournament. This trophy symbolizes a love for sport, movement, health and children, and promotes the overall development of sports for children, who are our shared future.

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