Discover New Perspectives at Milan Design Week 2021

Published 5 Sep 2021

LASVIT is back for Milan Design Week 2021. LASVIT’s Perspectives exhibition explores light, glass, design ideas and space through a multi-touchpoint experience in real and virtual worlds. LASVIT presents two new design concepts – A:Live and Fireborn. Both ideas will introduce people to how light makes space that makes feelings.

The Czech Consulate in Milan is hosting the Perspectives exhibition, which shows off two new design concepts: A:Live, a kinetic installation by Stefan Mihailovič and Fireborn designed by Jana Růžičková. Perspectives offers visitors a chance to walk through an emotionally charged space, using the power of light to create a magical, virtual experience of a former glassworks turned into an architect’s dream house. The virtual journey is complemented by an on-site experience at the Perspectives exhibition as well as a pop-up book where LASVIT presents the installation in 3D. Perspectives shows that cutting edge design and the power of light allows everyone to dream big!

It’s A:Live!

The A:Live  installation is the centerpiece for the virtual tour and features Mihailovič’s vision for a moving, kinetic, modular installation which can be used in various spaces, from hospitality to private yachts as well as private residences. The individual components can be customized, and A:Live can thus have an almost endless range of possible mutations. As the designer himself says: “Life is in constant flux, and so is the A:Live installation. With a set of simple movements, it creates complex and seemingly living compositions.”  You can literally play with the components using balls, rods and other things. The same principle slightly transformed results in a completely different sculpture. The A:Live design concept acts like a living organism.

Born of Fire

For all the visitors of the Czech Consulate in Milan, Jana Růžičková’s Fireborn  puts the gritty poetics of glassworking back into perspective. Her series draws on the unhinged creativity of a Bohemian glassworks, transposing the raw energy of a traditional craft method into some of the most elevated interiors in the world. Fireborn’s glass consists of hand-stamped massive strips of high-quality optical glass, and each piece can have various finishes. The raw, material beauty of Fireborn provides a down-to-earth aesthetic and offers a fresh perspective on a traditional craft.

“As part of the Milan Design Week and our exhibition Perspectives, we want to play with everyone’s perception of perspective. We show that we can create a 3D pop-up book from a typical 2D book and combine it with a virtual tour to create a unique experience for people,” says Leon Jakimič, owner and president of LASVIT. “Our mission is to uplift everyone by creating breath-taking and immersive spatial experiences that touch the soul of every person who finds themselves in the space. We want our installations and space to make spaces for our clients that not only evoke some beautiful feelings, but that can caress the soul,” adds Leon Jakimič.

Let´s dream together in Milan

6 – 9 / 9 / 2021

10:30 – 17:30

Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Milan

Via G. B. Morgagni 20

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