De-Lux-Ity goes to Dubai. The glass graffiti will sparkle above the Just One bar

Published 6 Nov 2019

If you are heading to the Downtown Design, don’t miss the sparkling trace leading to the Just One bar by the ingenious Wilson Associates. Our customizable glass graffiti might even detract you from the luxury drink of the same name – The De-Lux-Ity

The Middle East’s leading design fair is about to start in a few days. From November 12 to 15 you can see the largest celebration of original, high-quality design in the dynamic city of Dubai. In the center of the fair will be the Just One bar, where you can rest under the light of the tailor-made lighting by LASVIT.

De-Lux-Ity is a fusion of three words: deluxe, lux, and graffiti. Designer Wanda Valihrachová experimented with different glassmaking techniques to create the colorful combination, which she then imprinted into the lighting installation. While seeking for her inspiration in street art, she created unique glass graffiti.

“I wanted to showcase the fact that glass art has no limits and that it is also very powerful visually. You can even capture 2D visuals and enhance them into 3D through using glass,” adds the author.

The installation premiered at this year´s Milan Design Week and now you can see it in Dubai. looking forward to meeting you there.

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