EXPO 2020: Golden Rain & sustainability in the spotlight

Published 2 Mar 2022

LASVIT has illuminated the Czech Pavilion at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai with life-giving Golden Rain. This organically shaped light sculpture draws attention to questions of sustainability and is entirely made of ecologically recyclable materials like metal and glass. Artistically, it represents the process of producing water from air, simultaneously paying homage to nature and cutting-edge technologies.

Have you ever wondered about the story behind the creation of Golden Rain? We talked to Lukáš Černý, LASVIT’s general manager for MEA & SE Asia, to find out more about this unique project and how it lines up with EXPO 2020’s focus on sustainability and other environmental issues. The EXPO 2020 Dubai makes history as the first World Exposition to be held in the Middle East region, taking place from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 in Dubai.

What does it mean for a company like LASVIT to be part of EXPO 2020?

For us, the opportunity to participate in EXPO 2020 is a dream come true and a great source of prestige. At Dubai’s EXPO, we want to present LASVIT as a Czech company which builds on the tradition of glass craftsmanship and show what we are capable of in the field of innovative technologies and world-class design. We want to follow a unique path and present how glassmaking can be pushed even further.

One of our objectives is to show the world what a company from the Czech Republic can do. Even though the Czech Republic doesn’t rank amongst the world’s largest nations – in fact, it is roughly 85th in the world by population – we are definitely able to set the trends in the global design and glassmaking industry. The Czechs count themselves among the absolute top in the glass craft, and glassmaking is a field where Czechia is one of the leading countries. We even have the most glassmakers in the world per capita! One of LASVIT’s goals is to promote traditional craftsmanship around the world, and EXPO 2020 is a great opportunity to do this.

You are exhibiting in the Czech Pavilion which can be found in the Sustainability District. How does Golden Rain relate to sustainability?

The Czech Pavilion presents the fact that we can produce water from air and make the desert bloom. The S.A.W.E.R. system works on the principle of condensation and converts hot desert air into a life-giving liquid. The LASVIT sculpture will give the impression that water is flowing through its components into the building’s interior. We are all about inspiring our audience, and LASVIT’s vision has always been to inspire the world. That’s why we decided to participate and help inspire the world to do something as rewarding and ambitious as bringing water to the desert.

As mentioned before, the installation artistically represents the production of water from air. And because water can be worth more than gold in the desert, the installation’s colour is also symbolic. The sculpture takes the shape of golden lianas and, when illuminated, it gives the impression that water is flowing through it into the Czech Pavilion’s interior.

EXPO 2020 is all about innovation. What are some of LASVIT’s innovations, both old and new, when it comes to lighting and illumination?

Historically, world exhibitions present not only technological progress but also innovations in the field of craft, applied arts and design. Our intention was to compose the decorative part of the exhibition from purely technical principles and approaches. The resulting composition thus consists of a special metallic knitted fabric that protects the borosilicate glass inside, which is commonly used in laboratories and in research. The decorative component is hence composed of technical materials, surfaces and principles, yet follows old traditions of artisanal craft.

What’s the overall legacy of the Golden Rain installation?

LASVIT created the installation with the EXPO 2020’s theme in mind, which is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” The organic installation is a design treatment of the environmental theme, combining traditional glass craftsmanship with the use of modern technology. In the spirit of sustainability and harmony with nature, Golden Rain is made of recyclable materials such as metal and glass. And that may just be our legacy – to show young designers and future generations how great and sustainable Czech glassmaking really is.

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