The International Glass Symposium Will Unite Us All

Published 27 Jun 2018

The most famous artists and designers from around the world will travel to Northern Bohemia to execute their ideas under the supervision of skilled local craftsmen and glassmakers. Nový Bor will once again host the prestigious glassmaking festival – International Glass Symposium (IGS). In four days from 4th to 7th October, artists will bring their ideas to life together at glassworks and refining workshops.

LASVIT, progressive Czech glassmaking, and design company is the general partner of IGS. The tradition of this renowned glassmaking event goes back to 1982 and it is one of the biggest design festivals in Northern Bohemia. Over the years IGS has become the melting pot of creative ideas, how to work with glass in new contemporary and inspiring way.

Nearly 50 artists and designers from all over the world promised to participate on IGS. Visitors will get a chance to see them work in LASVIT glassworks Ajeto and in other glassworks in the area as well. All glass companies, which participate in IGS, represent the most widespread industry, that keeps the tradition of glass craft alive in its birthplace in the northern region of the Czech Republic.

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