Stunning renovation of iconic La Mamounia Hotel was a challenge, say the glassmakers

Published 15 Jul 2021

For its near-100th birthday, the La Mamounia of Marrakesh, which is one of the world’s most beautiful hotels, has decided to refresh its interior, and LASVIT has worked in collaboration with interior designers Jouin Manku to create two impressive lighting installations. Both were made during the pandemic situation, so all discussion about the design, and even the installation itself, was coordinated remotely. Despite this challenge, LASVIT was able to deliver a project of stellar quality.

LASVIT’s installations can be found in La Mamounia’s Tea Room and the Italian restaurant, both located in the very heart of the hotel complex. The first one pays tribute to traditional Moroccan architecture. The crystal chandelier’s shape reflects the symbolic form of Moroccan ornamented vaulting – the so-called muqarnas – inviting every guest to enjoy a moment of visual pleasure while having a cup of typical mint tea. It is composed of hundreds of glass pieces.

However, the second one takes you straight into the atmosphere of a vibrant Italian trattoria. This one dons a modern coat and provides the ambience of a greenhouse with large glazed windows that open up onto lush hotel gardens. Placed right above the open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant, just like the star of the show, LASVIT’s crystal installation becomes a focal point for the whole interior, giving it a touch of airiness and timeless design.

Pushing the boundaries in pandemic times

Czech glassmakers created both installations in compliance with the original design made by the interior designers Jouin Manku. In order to execute the idea with maximum precision, they had to come up with a unique pendant and lighting system. “Both installations have an ingenious system of internal lighting. Especially the chandelier in the Tea Room is very complex in this respect, as it combines three lighting systems with several different types of glass. With this project, we have really pushed the boundaries of lighting design,” says Leon Jakimič, the owner and president of LASVIT.

The project was all the more complicated because it was created in the middle of the pandemic and at a time of world lockdown, when logistics hardly worked. “It is really difficult to run lighting tests and see the light’s interaction with the glass via video calls, but we did it. Another big issue was transportation. We had to deal with all the cancelled flights and diverted shipping. In the end, we used land transportation and a ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar for delivering the lighting sculpture to Morocco. This is a quite unusual course from the Czech Republic to Africa, but in these incredible times it proved to be the best alternative,” describes Eva Křížková, LASVIT’s senior project consultant.

“It was a really big challenge for everyone, but also an interesting experience. I am really proud of the team, because we all dealt with it very well, ” adds Leon Jakimič.

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