This year’s Tour de France trophy again made by Czech glassmakers

Published 20 Jul 2021

Eleven years ago, the Tour de France trophy received its iconic elegant shape. Designed by Peter Olah, chief interior designer of Škoda Auto, the race’s long-standing main partner, and produced by LASVIT, the trophy is slightly different every year, because Peter Olah always comes up with a new cut and finish.

For the 2021 version, Olah found inspiration in nature, ecology and pure energy. “The decor of this year’s trophy resembles blades of grass or blooming flowers, which gives the trophy a distinctly natural, almost feminine character,” describes Olah.

As usual, the trophies are made from one piece of hand-blown and cut Czech crystal glass. Each trophy weighs almost four kilograms and is over sixty centimeters high. The entire manufacturing process took LASVIT’s glassmakers two months of work. The master grinder needs almost three weeks to finish the final machining.

“Hard work, sweat, and also passion and desire to overcome huge challenges are the same for glassmaking and cycling. We are happy to show the whole world how Czech brands such as ŠKODA and LASVIT can inspire the world and connect modern design, traditional craftsmanship and sports,” says Leon Jakimič, the owner and president of LASVIT.

However, after designing ten different cuts, Olah himself admits that the traditional cuts have almost been exhausted, so next year he will have to come up with something completely new and daring.

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