Floor Lamp

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Symbioosa is a tribute to mycelium, the fungi to which we owe the existence of plants and other important manifestations in nature. While light gives energy to all life, mycelium, on the other hand, grows underground, quietly and without light. Featuring a floor lamp and table lamp, the illumination of the Symbioosa collection figuratively grows out of the darkness to shine. The collection builds on a previous ground-breaking collaboration between Lasvit and the LLEV design studio, the very first to use mycelium in the production of glass moulds. This is the first time Lasvit has used a two-channel system which allows one to set Symbioosa's dimming according to need, allowing users to choose from a spectrum of white and yellow light, or custom set the light's intensity and composition based on what's best for the time of day. The system thus ensures that the light will live in perfect symbiosis with its users.


Floor Lamp

Product dimensions

Diameter400 mm
Weight20 kg
Height1440 mm


Glass colorClear
Frame SurfaceLaquered - Ral 9005 - Black Matt

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Handmade glass may contain bubbles and shades may vary due to the manufacturing process.

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