Let Your Home Blossom

Let Your Home Blossom

Since ancient times, flowers symbolized peace and love, values as fragile as glass. Alice is just such a perfect blossom – fragile, original and unique, it lights up any interior with a warm and compassionate glow. Now we are bringing these flowers to the table so that homes might blossom with visually fragrant glass.



ICONS are a curated selection of LASVIT´s signature designs. ICONS offer a middle way between bespoke installations and serial lighting collections. They are available in ready-to-order package which means quick delivery times and the most affordable choice for fine design lighting.

The story behind the light


Design Story

“The inspiration behind Alice was the search for commonality between glass and nature. Glass is organic and unpredictable, just like nature, where each leaf and tree is unique,” says the designer Petra Sošťáková.



No moulds are used during the production process and each piece is made of beautiful hand-blown glass. Because of that, each piece is slightly different and organic. All pieces are then cut and polished and the final blown shape is then cut open at the end.


Ready-to-order Solutions

Alice ICON comes in three shapes and four color options to fit each interior design. The middle part of the flower can shine in several colors – it can stay clear, or come in amber, amber & gold, as well as smoke & silver coat.



The design concept for Alice was first introduced in 2014 at Salone del Mobile and since then the company has had several projects with bespoke customizations of this original floral shape.

Great thanks

We appreciate all these lit people!


Petra Sošťáková

I combine innovation with tradition.