Inspiration is like a fresh breeze

Inspiration is like a fresh breeze

Nature has always been difficult to grasp. Catch the wind, stop the rain, halt the setting sun – these are impossible feats. Glass enables us to balance between the movements of nature and state-of-the-art design. With Dancing Leaves, you can watch the eternal spin of flawless wind right in the comfort of your home.



ICONS are a curated selection of LASVIT´s signature designs. ICONS offer a middle way between bespoke installations and serial lighting collections. They are available in ready-to-order package which means quick delivery times and the most affordable choice for fine design lighting.

The story behind the light


Design Story

„The design concept is based on leaves in the wind, floating and eventually flying away,“ says the designer Luděk Hroch.



Each shape of the installation is set from dozens of meticulously rendered glass components, each one sculpted and refined by a master glassmaker.


Ready-to-order Solutions

The Dancing Leaves ICON comes in nine set standardizations. There are two versions of leaves arranged in a round shape, three for the oval shape and four cone shapes.



The Dancing Leaves design concept was first introduced as part of the project for the Peninsula Paris Hotel in 2014. For this occasion, LASVIT created a designer sculpture evoking the dancing leaves blown into the lobby from the trees out front of the hotel.

Great thanks

We appreciate all these lit people!

Luděk Hroch

Light and glass are life, and I am delighted that I can combine both in my work.