An ode to raw beauty

“Fireborn is an ode to the poetics of raw beauty and to glass craftsmanship. We take the aesthetics of a Bohemian glassworks, with all its geometrical irregularities, its glass shards, its tumult, its hot air and heaving bodies, and transpose this unique atmosphere into some of the most elevated interiors in the world,” says Jana Růžičková, member of LASVIT Design Team.

Creative environment of the glassworks

As the name suggests, the idea is based on the creative environment of the glassworks itself, which is a constant source of inspiration for LASVIT. Around the furnace, there are buckets with shards of glass pipes or fractured pieces, with metal implements lying everywhere, worn and stained black by age, with an occasional beautiful rainbow finish. All this is the inspiration for Fireborn – something born of fire.

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