Four Seasons Hotel

The World's Largest Crystal

Six is enough to count to infinity. Hexagon gives up and breaks.
What was missing, now blooms aplenty. A satellite, forever under the lunar influence, hovers still. The throbbing of Moon is within your reach, just a l i t t l e further…
The fragile echo of light reverberates in spirals.
In the dawn of the crystal dwells its doom.


Single ray can lighten up everything. So why bother with crystal chandeliers at all? Isn’t a crystal, in its glory and magnificence, enough? All the facets and niches flicker with rich spectrum of colors. The crystal doesn’t just pick how to address everyone it meets. Each new acquaintance is met with brand new garden of privacy, luxury, rest or festivities. The crystal opens your own estate at the dark side of the Moon.

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