A Midsummer Day´s Dream

A Midsummer Day´s Dream

Like a summer’s afternoon, this wreath buzzes with myriad shapes and colors. We wanted to capture the heat of the summer night in glass. This piece is a hanging talisman to light, bloom and the creative side of nature, and is the perfect inspiration for creating something fresh and daring.



ICONS are a curated selection of LASVIT´s signature designs. ICONS offer a middle way between bespoke installations and serial lighting collections. They are available in ready-to-order package which means quick delivery times and the most affordable choice for fine design lighting.

The story behind the light


Design Story

„We wanted to capture the creative juices which come from merging warm hues with cold surfaces, wreathed metal with fragile glass, and dark boughs with bright blossoms,“ says the designer Jana Růžičková who created this piece together with the famous creative duo Yabu Pushelberg.



Midsummer is a symbiosis of metal and glass. The final piece is a fine jewel for any house. The installation is made of free-blown glass which allows for various options and custom processing. The individual components are plated with multi-colored metals, adding a range of diversity to an already complex form.


Ready-to-order Solutions

Midsummer ICON contains three different modules, or “rings.” It is possible to buy module A, B or C separately or combine them in any way you want.


The Dimensions of Color

There are also color varieties – combination of rose, silver metal coated and gold metal coated components for warm color looking piece or combination of clear with bubbles and smoke pieces for cold outlook.



The design concept for Midsummer was firstly introduced in a residential development project in Hong Kong in 2019 and since then it has caught the eye of clients all over the world.

Great thanks

We appreciate all these lit people!


Yabu Pushelberg

We want to celebrate the inherent beauty of cut crystal and the versatility of its textures. We look for ways to create different qualities of light.


Jana Růžičková

I have always liked the simplicity of minimalism and this style is reflected in my designs. Glass is a magical material and a great medium to work with – always challenging, but always bringing new experiences.