By David Rockwell

Searching for Universal Stories

New York City’s shimmering night sky and the celestial landscape depicted in the iconic ceiling mural at Grand Central Terminal inspired renowned global architect David Rockwell’s lighting collection for Lasvit. The Constellation series is a family of six light designs that will debut at Lasvit’s booth at Euroluce and that bring the light of distant stars down to earth.  

Constellation Family 

The collection additions include the Ursa Minor chandelier, Cassiopeia wall sconce, and Gemini table lamp, which is a “sibling” of the floor lamp Polaris. The three pieces expand the collection that previously contained a horizontal chandelier, a wall sconce, and a floor lamp, each representing the constellations of Cassiopeia, Tri Star, and Polaris respectively. 

Inspiration Behind the Collection

“What defined this collaboration for me was the sheer passion their team of experts took in their craft and the joy of creation we shared at each step in the process. I think that enthusiasm is evident in every piece of this collection, which was inspired by one of my favorite New York landmarks: the celestial mural at Grand Central Terminal. Each lighting fixture serves a dual function: to dazzle the eye as a focal point and to unify any setting in which it is placed.” 

- David Rockwell