Daring Design

Lasvit’s expertise in design, glass, and lighting comes together with a passion for the unprecedented. We focus on glass as an architectural and artistic element in the broadest sense – through creative partnerships, we produce daring custom-made facades

Lasvit Headquarters

Lasvit’s headquarters on Palackého Square in the Czech town of Nový Bor revitalized the region’s glassblowing tradition and restored precious historic buildings with a cleverly designed master plan that accommodates old and new, tradition and innovation, with the addition of two spectacular buildings, one entirely clad in glass tile.

Facade as a Jewel

With certain architectural concepts, art facades work beautifully when used as an adorning element, for example to create a memorable entrance moment.

Revival of Old Buildings

Heritage architecture can be elevated when thoughtfully complemented with dazzlingly contemporary glass art facade elements.

Entire Solution

Of course, Art facades can also span the entire building, creating a seemingly delicate structure.

Artful Approach

We believe that glass and art belong together. In addition to acting as a functioning facade, with all its conveniences of insulation and protection, Lasvit art facades boast artistic and decorative qualities. Our facades are custom-made and can be placed independently of the interior facade. Lasvit Art Facades provide a breathtaking edge to any building.

Art Glass Outer Skins

Apart from offering a functional facade, with all its conveniences of insulation and protection, we offer largely artistic and decorative facades. These decorative facades can be placed independently from the interior facade and can provide a breathtaking second skin to any building – they also don’t have to copy the shape of the building they adorn but can be designed in a wholly original and independent way.

Art Insulated Glass Units (IGUs)

These are functionalIGUs with decorative features. Lasvit is able to provide clients with fully functional facades adorned in decorative textured glass. These facades are also fully certified for functional safety parameters, such as structural statics, insulation, fire resistance, impact resistance, and other safety features.

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