Magical Abyss

Magical Abyss

One of Bejing’s most elegant hotels is the striking Hotel Éclat. Forming part of the Parkview Green development in the Chaoyang district, the architectural masterpiece is a gleaming pyramid enveloping four steel and glass towers connected by a dramatic 236-meter-long bridge. Hotel Éclat sits at the apex of the structure. It also houses an astounding art collection that includes pieces by Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol and Zeng Fanzhi.



Dynamic ceiling installation reflects the flow of energy in the space through its hand-blown glass components. The blue elements of the sculpture represent moving water in the form of waves and whirlpools whilst the few red elements determine the direction of flow. Together, they emit calming blue-purple hues intensified by the stainless-steel mirror plates above.

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