Presenting a curated selection of iconic lighting - four authors, four different design approaches, four different glassmaking techniques and four singular aesthetics. LASVIT ICONS are ready to shine in your residential project.

Create your own ICON-ic design statement

We believe that you should fill your space with materials, colors, and feelings that feed your soul. LASVIT ICONS are here to encourage you to dream big when it comes to the impact of light on your everyday experience. You deserve to have a glass garden bloom in the middle of your living room, have leaves dancing on the wind above your dining table, and so much more...

In Time and Without Worries

ICONS are available in ready-to-order package which means quick delivery times and the most affordable choice for fine design lighting.

Eye-catching Design

LASVIT presents pieces that have already caught the eye of clients all over the world – designs which carry the company’s “DNA” and have shown great potential.

Design Solution for any Space

Standardized shapes and a set spectrum of several color options make ICONS an exciting solution for any space in your home - from the living room to the staircase.

Bring the beauty of light & glass home

Over the years, LASVIT has created and developed several signature designs which deserve to shine all around the world. To spread this inspiration into private houses far and wide, we fitted them into several ready-to-order standardizations.

Choose your ICON