Inspired by the glistening Arabian Gulf, the luxurious Rosewood Abu Dhabi hotel celebrates peerless service and extravagance in the United Arab Emirates. Its sophisticated design is juxtaposed with comfortable furnishings and flowing fabrics in warm colors, reminiscent of a local souq, an open-air marketplace. Offering restaurants, superb shopping and stunning views of the water, the Rosewood hotel complex caters to a sophisticated business and leisure clientele.

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The Sunset Wall

The Sunset Wall in the lobby is a stunning installation of hand blown kiln-glass, inspired by the weave of reed partition walls. Its horizontal elements evoke seashore grasses, woven horizontally, gradually thicker, with deeper red tones near the base, then orange and yellow nearing the top, evoking a mood of sunset on the seashore.

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Designer Luděk Hroch’s glass light sculpture brings a playful element to the Senses Spa within the Rosewood Hotel. Spring’s glittery branches of hand blown crystal glass, on a polished nickel finish, contrasts with the soothing and restrained overall design of the spa, its spacious rooms and soft colors. The sculpture is just over four meters long, lending the space a deep sense of luxury.

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This geometric and structured design plays with Einstein’s concepts of energy and mass, as well as the effervescence of light. The three meter horizontal sculpture weighs some 600 kilograms, yet floats in the air as if dancing. Square sheets of high-quality hand-engraved flat glass twist around a central stainless steel spine at precise distances and angles, creating an aesthetically sophisticated effect.

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Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá

I try to imprint part of our own soul into each product. That is why my motto is “Glass with a soul.”


Luděk Hroch

Light and glass are life, and I am delighted that I can combine both in my work.