Repose and refuge

Repose and refuge

Known for its blend of contemporary and oriental styles, the Taipei Mandarin Oriental proudly reflects its heritage. Along with five-star comfort, its rooms are notably among the most spacious in Taipei - a true luxury in Taiwan’s busy capital. The sense of serenity infused throughout the hotel is perhaps best enjoyed in its spa and wellness center, renowned for signature therapies and distinctive facilities, as well as pleasant restaurants.

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Dancing on the Ceiling

The bar area of Mandarin Oriental Taipei showcases a unique combination of components, derived from the Lasvit Crystal Wall concept, in this case suspended from the ceiling. These crystal tiles are highlighted by their polished stainless-steel finish that creates a dance of light on the ceiling, providing a sense of divided space and privacy, while sustaining a feeling of openness.

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101 Fireworks

Mandarin Oriental’s semi-private bar area is lit by a contemporary lighting sculpture, calling to mind the classic shapes of street lights, transformed into a luxury chandelier. Further inspiration came from the splashes of fireworks that welcome New Year in Taipei from the town’s landmark skyscraper, named 101. The fireworks constitute one of the best light shows on the planet and are an iconic moment in the life of Taipei.

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We very much appreciate our collaboration with Lasvit, as there are not many companies in the Czech Republic at the moment who understand that design is, in certain fields, a major marketing tool, and that a progressive product is a firm’s biggest asset.