Good Spirits

Good Spirits

Quadrio is composed of five office towers and an independently standing apartment building. A glass statue in the shape of a horse, lion and shoe is a dominant feature of the hall in the new Quadrio. Maxim Velčovský, top Czech artist, through his work of art, points to the fact that on the site of today’s shopping center there once stood buildings called the Black Horse, the White Lion and the White Shoe.



Maxim Velčovský’s piece deals with the topic of the spirit of the city, for which he created a glass statue for the hall of Quadrio reminiscent of the buildings that once stood in this place: the Black Horse, the White Lion and the White Shoe. They have disappeared over time, giving way to the city’s infrastructure. Individual glass statues were set with more than 10 000 black or opal hand-blown glass balls.

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Maxim Velčovský