Structures of the Sun

Structures of the Sun

When the sun goes down and covers the city of Kuala Lumpur in a veil weaved from a palette of warm colors, that’s when LASVIT’s glass piece stands out the most. The glass wall called “Structures” glimmers in the lobby of the Elite Pavilion Suites.


Glass Wall

Imagine the afternoon sun reflecting on the metal, glass and concrete structures of the city. This mood is now captured in the unique glass wall installation standing in the lobby of Bukit Binang tower.

The story behind the light


Design story

“The idea came to me when I was stuck in a traffic jam. At that moment I realized that the structures of architecture provide a very different perspective on the city. The view is enhanced by the current weather and creates an amazing spectacle,” says LASVIT in-house designer Petra Junová.



The glass wall covers an area of almost 70 square meters and consists of 495 pieces. The components were made in five different colors and shades and were then connected together in order to get the best scheme evoking the image of a sunset.


Special “ingredient”

Each piece of glass was bent over a metal mold. Molten glass is very susceptible, and contact with ice-cold surfaces leaves the optical imprint on the glass component. This technique gave the installation its special optical effect.


Neverending Sunset

The installation Structures imbues the lobby with a feeling of calm and peace. You can easily imagine you are sitting on the terrace and watching the sun going down over the horizon. Come and see the never-ending sunset made for the visitors of the Elite Pavilion Suites.

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Petra Junová

I enjoy watching strange, unusual, natural, and physical phenomena. And I love working them into my designs.