Vibrant flow

Vibrant flow

One of Beijing’s first major mixed-use developments, Pacific Century Place was recently upgraded into a modern business hub with a vibrant commercial presence. The redesigned space features two custom glass installations by Lasvit that bring light and dynamic energy to the heart of the complex.

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Lasvit Liquid Crystal

The immediately attracting 5-storey panoramic elevator shaft is encased in Lasvit LiquidKristal glass panels, concept originally created in collaboration with the renowned British designer Ross Lovegrove. Custom-scaled to a height of 27 meters and divided into 10 segments, each is affixed into top and bottom horizontal channels.

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The dynamic lighting feature Airflow suspended over the atrium features 50 dynamically-lit handmade glass elements, each 3 meters long. Airflow embodies a swirling spiral of air, it creates a sense of vibrant energy in the center, supported by the dynamic lighting movement and its elemental flow. Organic shapes of the glass components represent an abstract stream of air, as if painted by the wind itself.

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Ross Lovegrove

I’m inspired by the logic and beauty of nature and my designs possess a trinity between technology, material science and intelligent organic form, creating what many industrial leaders see as the new aesthetic expression for the 21st Century.

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Mária Čulenová-Hostinová

I am inspired by the pulse of life and the people which surround me. I also draw energy from music, which constitutes a large part of my work. The sky is the limit!