Follow the ice folds

Follow the ice folds

Come in and let the chilly beauty of nature caress all your senses. No, this is not a glacial cave hidden in the mountaintops, as it might seem at first glance. Welcome to the brand-new Cartier boutique in Geneva where the Ice Corridor leads to a place of luxury and precious gems.


Spaces of desire

LASVIT was entrusted to produce a one-of-a-kind project for the iconic house of Cartier. Inspired by the mesmerizing charm of the Swiss Alps, Czech designers created a spectacular ice hall and four bespoke lighting sculptures which elevate the space to a new plateau. The installations are ingeniously designed to dazzle and shine bright next to the Cartier jewels.


Story behind the Space


The purest essence of the Swiss landscape

The Ice Corridor pays tribute to Switzerland’s nature. In total, it covers almost 55 square meters of the Cartier boutique’s walls, ceiling and door with Czech crystal glass. “I drew inspiration from the glimmering splendor of ice at the Swiss mountain summits. The artisanal textured glass creates a crystalline composition which spreads across the interior, allowing the clients to dive into the atmosphere of an ice cave hidden somewhere deep within the mountainous heights,” says the Corridor’s author Wanda Valihrachová.


An immersive experience

The installation for the whole corridor required over two tons of glass to evoke the frozen ambience and to achieve a properly futuristic, frosted look. “The Ice Corridor can elevate a person to another world. It is a true gateway to the fascinating Swiss countryside,” says Leon Jakimič, the owner and president of LASVIT. “I believe we will succeed in stirring the emotions of every visitor who passes through the boutique, and even leave them frozen in their tracks by the beauty of our artworks.”


Jewelled reflections

Set above a bridal display case in the heart of the High End Zone, the artistic installation called Flow makes an already special occasion even more exceptional. Celebrating the local natural scenery, it combines different surfaces and structures. “The shapes are organic and soft, as if they mirrored the water, its ripples, and the pebbles of the sea shelf,” says designer Wanda Valihrachová.


Timeless elegance

The men's part of the store is lighted by Ivana Zuskinová’s art piece that excels in its simplicity and sophisticated shapes. “We opted for almost fifty artisanal glass tubes of different lengths to set the ideal rhythm for the space. The sculpture combines crystal clear glass with golden and bronze tones, and thus provides the perfect backdrop for luxury Cartier jewels, making them shine far beyond the ordinary,” explains Ivana.


A new space for a legendary boutique

Since it first opened in 1969, the Cartier boutique at 35 Rue du Rhône has been one of the largest in Europe. After months of renovations, Cartier has unveiled a sumptuous new space that combines tradition with a modern approach. As a gradual passage through the boutique between the Cartier Tradition department – which offers collector jewellery, watch pieces and rare old objects – the bold Ice Corridor complements Cartier’s insightful, creative vision. Cartier and LASVIT have come together to offer a unique dialogue which will draw in every visitor.

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wanda valihrachova_full_2048.jpg

Wanda Valihrachová

I emphasize that each component is an original and hand-made piece with its own imperfections. I work under the rule that “Imperfection is beauty.“


Katarína Kudějová Fulínová

I search for inspiration in nature and its morphology. My work has an abstract form which opens space for imagination, and functions as a window into our interior, into our subcounscious.

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Ivana Zuskinová

Sea and pixels – for me it means contrast, freedom, space, border and overlap.