Eva Jiřičná

If all of us did everything identically,the world would be a boring place. I am glad that there are so many people and architects who have contrary opinions.

Quick Bio

Eva Jiřičná (born 1939) is a world-renowned, Czech-born architect and designer who has lived in Great Britain since the late 1960s, but has been working all over the world since. She has won recognition for her interior design of luxury fashion boutiques and retail spaces in London and New York, and is widely regarded as one of the word’s best. Among her clients you can find Lloyds Insurance Group, the Rothschild family or Václav Havel, to name but a few. Jiřičná’s contribution to architecture and design has been acclaimed with many awards, achieving the title of Commander of the British Empire, being elected as a Royal Academician by the Royal Academy of Arts, and being inducted into the American Hall of Fame. She holds several honorary university doctorates and in 2003 she was elected President of the Architectural Association in London. Jiřičná’s projects are stylish, featuring mathematically pure forms and a holistic approach to design. Her works can be seen in the world’s most prestigious design magazines.