Linda Procházka

I become a goddess during the design process. The ideas are born in my mind.


Great Scotland Yard Hotel

Great Scotland Yard Hotel

London, 2019United Kingdom

Quick Bio

Before Linda Procházka became totally impassioned about glass and light, she used to work in various fields of design. She is a graduate of the Product Design studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where she studied under the tutelage of Froněk and Němeček, as well as of Marián Karel’s Industrial Design studio at the Czech Technical University. As one of the first designers in Czechia to design a basalt urn, she touched upon the tabooed subject of funeral design. She also worked in the music industry, for instance designing an album cover for Michal Horáček. In her previous work, she took part in numerous group exhibitions in world metropolises like NYC, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Hamburg and München. She has received numerous awards from local design competitions, for instance the Talent designu (Design Talent) award, the Czech National Award for Student Design, The Stanislav Libeňský Award, or the Diploma Selection. She also draws on the experience she has gained during her work for Hermès, Nike, Ton, Mikov, and many other brands.