Studio LLEV

We found our greatest source of inspiration in mycelium – meaning mushrooms – and their most characteristic shape, which we worked into an asymmetrical form. Many mushrooms are fluorescent at night, and there have even been experiments which have noted mycelial sound waves, hinting that they are in fact unique living organisms. They may not have a brain, but they are part of an immense network – mycelium.





Quick Bio

Studio LLEV was founded in 2004 in the heart of Bohemian Paradise by Eva and Marcel Mochal, graduates of the University of Applied Arts in Prague. LLEV products combine romance and stories with functional and thoughtful details. The founders of the studio are constantly looking for new inspiration and do not stay with established methods. The studio is devoted to product and graphic design, which it has successfully used in creative advertising campaigns. LLEV's work has won awards at the Designblok festival and the Elle Decor International Design Award.