Lasvit Lit Up Dubai Downtown with "Celestial Blooms"

Lasvit presented a curated installation at the much-anticipated Dubai Downtown Design fair. Aptly titled "Celestial Blooms," the booth was a curated experience presenting Lasvit’s unique lighting collections, selection of its iconic modular systems and fresh design concepts. All pieces explored the wonders and parallels between the cosmos and nature, reminding us of the harmonious ties that bind every entity in the universe.


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Constellation of Design

The booth offered a curated experience featuring Lasvit’s unique lighting collections, as well as selection of modular systems "Lasvit Icons". You could witnessed the Spacey collection, which embraces the historic "lithyalin" technique, the Florescence lighting wall installation that mimics a flower in full bloom, and the "Herbarium" - a glass installation that captures the quintessence of nature.

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