Lasvit at Zak World of Façades London: Where Art Met Architecture

Thank you for joining Lasvit at the revered Zak World of Façades conference in London, a confluence of avant-garde façade design and ingenious craftsmanship. This event, marking its 137th global showcase and the 6th edition in London, was a  beacon for sustainable innovations and challenges in the construction industry, focusing on the building envelope.



What to See

Elevating the art of façade design, Lasvit showcase its expertise in the 'artisanal glass for architecture' segment. Our mission revolves around glass as both an architectural and artistic element in the broadest sense. Through creative partnerships, Lasvit produces custom-made facades that not only serve a functional purpose but also boast artistic and decorative qualities.

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting us and checking out our journey of redefining the boundaries of façade design.


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