The Cloud

Lasvit‘s Art Director Maxim Velčovský designed a dynamic lighting glass installation called Cloud. Watching clouds can be a personal meditative experience and an inherent tendency of humankind, as clouds have been significant in many cultures throughout history. 

Technology Phenomenon

Yet the cloud today has equally become known as a technology phenomenon allowing for structure and connectivity. Maxim Velčovský’s Cloud in this way explores the connection of individuals and structure, individual perspectives connected into something larger, something that transcends us all. 

Mystery and Fascination

Clouds have been significant in many different cultures throughout history. They have been seen as a source of mystery and fascination, with various myths and legends surrounding them. Watching clouds is a personal meditative experience but also an inclination we have as humankind. Cloud explores the connection of individuals and structure, individual perspectives connected into something larger, something that transcends us. 

"ta ta ta dam, ta ta ta da, tram ta da dáááááááá"

Maxim Velčovský