The Marriage of Purity and Decadence


In the hotel interiors the spirit of Art Deco still alive. LASVIT designers set their imagination free and combined sleek and sophisticated design with a hint of decadence. LASVIT glassblowers worked five months to cover the ceiling which stretches to a full 350 square meters in the hotel´s ballroom. The glass meadow, which plays in the shades of violet and pink, is composed of almost 1500 components and when you step into the room and look up, it’s like walking right into a child’s dream – a little girl’s fairytale fantasy, as innocent as it gets.

As you walk through the ballroom, the fantasies will change and the further corner above the stairs, allows you to explore the darker corners of your imagination. Set your mind free when you look at the “Unchained” chandelier designed by LASVIT’s in-house designer Luděk Hroch. The curtain of massive metal chains falls from the ceiling entangled with trimmings made of pure crystal glass. The chains have its symbolism. A thing that normally constitutes incarceration or imprisonment hangs freely like a curtain to symbolize the very opposite – freedom and vivacity.

The third lighting presents the marriage of tenderness and roughness in one installation. The piece gives an impression of being made of stainless steel, but that is only an illusion – the components are all made of glass and the metal look is achieved by the special final finish. Each component has a shape which resembles the organically shaped cage with sharp tips, and it was incredibly difficult to make such a shape in the glassworks only with the help of human hands and breath.

The outstanding installations in the ballroom and on the retail promenade are accompanied by other pieces designed by LASVIT which are placed on the walls in the ballroom and above the heads of the guests milling in the hotel’s lobby.