Crystal Components Adorn Another Showcar. ŠKODA Vision RS Has Just Premiered in Paris


The optical and aesthetic features of glass planted into a carbon parts give the interior of the car an extraordinary visual value. “Something we have with ŠKODA in common, is that we both combine the respect for tradition with the desire for innovation. The result of our cooperation is proof that design glass pieces are not just for the fabulous residences or hotels, but for things used in everyday life. We spend a large part of our lives in cars, so why not to indulge ourselves with a bit of inspirational beauty? ” the managing director of LASVIT Ales Styblo said.

The glass component on dashboard is decorated with the special technique called “Spitzstein” designed by Peter Olah from ŠKODA Auto. This traditional glass cutting technique creates a geometrically accurate net and is truly difficult to make.

The collaboration of LASVIT and ŠKODA has been in place since 2011, when LASVIT delivered the first crystal components to the Vision D  concept car.