Customizable lighting in the house. Now everyone can be a co-creator

Published 3 Feb 2020

Do you remember modular games? When you were taking bricks out of the box and putting them together to create something new? We have teamed up with the creative duo Yabu Pushelberg to customize the Cipher lighting we had developed before. Cipher can be combined and customized to all your needs. The possibilities are almost limitless. Let´s play with light.

The lighting modular system is made like a combinatory game you can play. There are 10 crystal components in two different finishes, 4 metal finishes and 3 junctors.

The dictionary meaning of the word “cipher” means putting a message into secret writing; to follow a special way of writing in code. With this new modular system, you can create your very own design cipher.

With components arranged in a series and joined by connections, Cipher’s overall linear form creates a poetic visual rhythm. “It is a really flexible piece and everyone is able to customize the patterning and rhythm of it,” says creative duo Yabu Pushelberg in the promotional video.

The Cipher lighting premiered at the Euroluce 2017. We have been mulling over the idea of a modular system in our minds since then.

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