W’s Were Introduced to Czech Glass. Million of Colours Plays With Light in the W Dubai – The Palm Hotel


Follow the sound of the music to discover the W essence entangled into the installation above your head right in the entrance lobby. The witty design of The Soundwave isn’t inspired simply by the shape of the letter “W”, but also, sophisticatedly, by its sound.

The shape is derived from the layout of the graphic record created by pronouncing the consonant W,“ says LASVIT in-house designer Ludmila Zilková, revealing the story behind her design.

The beauty of this piece lies in its hidden plan. When you aimlessly look up, you will see only a 30-meter long construction in an abstract shape. But when you know the story, it rings a bell and each of the 1213 glass pieces will suddenly fit into the overall picture. “Components present single points of sound,“ adds the designer.

A rainbow in millions of color combinations

But it’s only a teaser for the things to come. When the music starts to play, the real show begins. Overall, 640 glass blocks can shine in millions of colors. There are almost endless possibilities thanks to the special DMX chip developed by LASVIT. It doesn’t matter how many times you walk into the W Dubai – The Palm hotel lobby, it will always be a bit different.

The Soundwave was one of the most challenging projects LASVIT has ever made in the Middle East also in terms of its construction. Despite the fragile outlook, the construction bears around 6,5 tones of hanging glass and the construction, which the glass components hang from, had to look like the thin outline of the “W” sound wave but still be able to cover all the cables and technology necessary for the installation’s proper functioning.