Fragile Dandelions Adorn Changi Airport in Singapore

Published 30 Apr 2018

Dynamically-lit glass installation nestled among tiered flower beds is conceived by designer Petra Junová. Entitled Crystal Garden, the installation ‘blooms’ right in the airport’s Terminal 3, offering a memorable experience to all travellers passing through one of the busiest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia.

LASVIT’s Crystal Garden is an artistic rendition of dandelion flowers whose sleek, ephemeral beauty imbues the terminal’s jet-setting environment with a little spark of nature. The installation consists of 12 glass dandelions of various sizes comprising a total of 1,735 hand-blown glass components adorned with further accessories crafted of metallurgical glass.

Non-stop dynamic lighting dances on the glass bulbs, constantly shifting and changing to the rhythm of a number of pre-programmed choreographies, creating the effect of a person blowing for a wish come true, and scattering the dandelion seeds to all the distant corners of the globe.

Petra Junová says that her initial inspiration for the work came from “a field dotted with dandelions” and that “the dandelion is an icon of wishes coming true. The traditional belief that when you blow off the dandelion’s seeds the wind carries that person’s wish through the air corresponds perfectly with the setting of an airport, wherefrom people travel to various places worldwide – some in order to fulfil wishes of their own, or of their loved ones.

Since its opening in 1981, Changi Airport has been a pioneer in integrating airport gardens, which are now a well-loved feature among all travellers. The Crystal Garden will be the seventh feature garden in Changi Airport. Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of the largest airports in Southeast Asia, welcoming almost 60 million passengers annually. It has also been repeatedly recognized as the World’s Best Airport.

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