Asia´s Design Talents Will Get the Glass Trophy from LASVIT


Among the judges are SCDA director Soo Khian Chan, M+ curator-at-large for Design and Architecture Aric Chen, world-renowned designers André Fu, Joyce Wang, Lyndon Neri, and Rossana Hu, and other respected figures from the design field.

LASVIT created the square-shaped glass trophies for winners. The trophy is inspired by the architecture of the beginning of the 20th century.

“The trophies showcase optical play of lights and shadows. The design should remind the facade or interior layout of a building. The trophy consists of geometric curves that copy the entire block of glass. Some geometric surfaces are in a matte finish, resulting in the effect of perspective and space,” says LASVIT designer Monika Kořínková.

Each trophy, which fits on the palm of a hand, is made of clear glass with a glossy finish. In the center of the glass square is the visually striking d/a logo. LASVIT employed many techniques such as sandblasting, metal coating and engraving in the production of the trophies.