We Experimented with Light and Glass at Designblok 2019


The company’s showroom was changed into a lab for design experiments, presented in the shape of two bespoke lighting installation – The De-Lux-Ity and Liana.

De-Lux-Ity: Color poses no limit

What if one wants to catch and preserve the color spectrum in glass? Designer Wanda Valihrachová experimented with different glassmaking techniques and chemical ingredients to create the most vibrant combinations, which she then imprinted into the installation De-Lux-Ity.

“I wanted to showcase the fact that glass art has no limits and that it is also very powerful visually. You can even capture 2D visuals and enhance them into 3D when using glass,” adds the author.

While seeking for her inspiration in street art, she created unique glass graffiti.

Liana: Let nature inside!

Humans aren’t the only ones who can create lighting – nature can do it as well. Laina presents natural light shining out of the tunnel-shaped net.

“I picked the shape of bubble because it resembles certain round shapes commonly found in nature, whether we are talking about dew drops in the grass or molecules,” says the designer Maxim Velčovský.

The overall piece resembles a tropical vine, hence its name: Liana means ‘vine’ in the Czech tongue.

These “experiments with light and glass” are exhibited for all to see in LASVIT’s showroom in Prague 7.