Futuristic K11 MUSEA has its industrial jewel designed by LASVIT


“The composition of the chandelier proceeds from the aesthetics of the old port and the railway junction. It is the genius loci of the place materialized in the lighting installation, reminding the visitors of the location’s heritage and spirit,” says designer Maxim Velčovský, who is also the art director of LASVIT, about his Lighting Machine chandelier.

Altogether, 330 meters of metal tubes were needed to create this extraordinary chandelier. The Lighting Machine looks a bit like a labyrinth of tubes. An assemblage made up of 198 bends and stop-clocks which seem to regulate the steam coming out of the chandelier at eight different places.

“The whole object is a living, breathing organism – it pulsates, turns its light on and off, steam leaks from some tubes,” concludes the designer.

If you want to know the story behind this extraordinary project, check this link.