The Glass Sonata for Luxury was Composed in Singapore

Published 19 Aug 2019

The Robb Report penthouse at the Concourse Skyline in Singapore is the epitome of urban grandeur. Along with 20 other luxury designer brands, LASVIT created a piece of art which hangs suspended in the living room on the top of the world.

The installation is called Sonata and the statement piece grabs the attention of every spectator who walks into the living room. The glass bubbles float above the grand piano and symbolize notes coming out of the precious instrument.

“I was picturing a musician playing the piano and the tones flowing out of the instrument. I tried to imagine them in materialized form. The final glass components symbolize the tones of a grand sonata,” says designer Petra Junová.

Someone once said that although piano keys are black and white, they might sound like a million colors in your mind. In the Robb Report Penthouse, the beauty of music is transformed into the beauty of glass. Walk inside and hear the beauty singing!


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