Herbarium ICON – a tribute to nature in your living room

Published 9 Nov 2020

We wanted to get a piece of the landscape into our clients’ living rooms around the world and to let everyone preserve their very own family tree in fine glass. Meet one of LASVIT’s iconic designs – Herbarium ICON.

LASVIT is able to cast any plants in glass – from family trees, to favorite flowers – and make everyone their very own and personal Herbarium. Even though Herbarium is preset in nine versions, it is still a unique piece for any client’s home. No two flowers in the world are the same, therefore each component we create now or in the future will be a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

 “What we wanted to do in Herbarium was to capture the wilderness, so anyone can take home a piece of the Bohemian meadow frozen in glass,” says Mária Čulenová, chief designer who led the creative team behind Herbarium.

Explore Herbarium ICON

There are three sizes of the standardization in the round shape.

Then there are also three sizes of the oval shape.

Finally, there are three special shapes designed for living rooms (S & L), and staircase.

The installations are made of clear glass components, but there are also several components with the golden-painted flower imprint in each preset shape.

This concept was firstly introduced in 2020 as part of LASVIT’s campaign Nature of Glass and reaped great success around the world.

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