ICONS: LASVIT´s signature designs in ready-to-order standardizations


This curated selection of iconic designs is an affordable solution suited for any private residence.

“Our goal is to be the most inspirational glassmakers, and we have been thinking how to get the inspiration and beauty of Czech glass to the most people worldwide. That is why we came up with LASVIT ICONS. These original bespoke installations are now offered in standardized form, which means quicker delivery times and affordable prices,” says Pavel Kacíř, the general sales manager for Europe.

ICONS are pieces that have already caught the eye of clients all over the world –designs which carry the company’s “DNA” and have shown great potential.

They offer a middle way between bespoke installations and serial lighting collections. Standardized shapes and a set spectrum of several color options make ICONS the fastest and most affordable choice for fine design lighting.

So far there are five ICONS – five authors, five different design approaches, five different glassmaking techniques and five singular aesthetics.

Five Design Statements

Herbarium – this design combines all LASVIT’s attributes – it reflects the Czech glassmaking tradition, Bohemian nature and the company’s aesthetic style.

Alice – the fine fragility of this glass flower shines in various shapes and colors in places all around the world.

Dancing Leaves – One of LASVIT’s most famous designs created originally for the Peninsula Hotel in Paris.

Midsummer – Midsummer is the perfect symbiosis of metal and glass and it shows off LASVIT’s ability to step beyond glass and into the field of metalworking.


Cipher – the most flexible bespoke lighting LASVIT has ever made. Cipher ICON offers clients the possibility to create their own design “cipher” by combining glass and metal dots and dashes.

ICONS now make it possible to feature some of the world’s most luxurious glass-art pieces right in your very own living room.

Because life’s precious moments deserve to be seen in a new light.

Inspiration is just a click away!

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