Glass Wings Flies over the Staircase at a Private Residence in Guangzhou


I was inspired by the movement of bird wings during the flight,” says Krausová. Overall twenty pendants fill the hall in the residence with fragile beauty. Each gentle wing consists of 12 pieces of hand blown glass in a combination of clear and sandblasted. The components are fixed in a way that depicts layered feathers on bird´s wings. Fluted texture mimics the texture of feathers.

The image of a flight was fueled by kinetic movement of the installation. “Ground plan of the lightning sculpture is an ellipse diagonally split into two halves. Positions and movements of components are mirrored and scattered. It means there are moving always two pendants that are opposite to each other,” explains the designer.

The installation has incredible variability. The lightning sculpture is controlled by the special application, which is pre-programmed for several movements and static compositions.

Each pendant is furthermore fixed on two spots, so it can be straight or tilted.