The Story of Glassware Was Told in Paris


To bring these collections alive, LASVIT cooperated with well-recognized designers such as Kengo Kuma or Jan Plechac and Henry Wielgus and among many authors of glassware collections Maxim Velcovsky, Art Director of LASVIT, presents two brand new collections of glasses.

The visitors of the French fair admired the typical LASVIT´s signature showing exceptional craftsmanship born in the region of northern Bohemia, historically recognized for its famous glassworks and the skills of local craftsmen have resonated all over the world for hundreds of years. “The broad presentation of artwork LASVIT brought to Paris this January showed our seriousness while aiming to become the most inspirational glassmaking company in the world,” explains Aleš Stýblo, Vice-President Lasvit.

LASVIT´s stand was riveted with novelties. Above all, shined the small collection of the most admired lighting collection Neverending Glory designed by Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus. The story of glassware had even eight protagonists – Circle glasses by Milena Kling, Mirror Kiss by Cyril Dundera, Panto 63 glasses by Vladimir Kopecky, Polygon vase by Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus, Yakisugi vases and glasses by Kengo Kuma, Zig Zag by Lars Kemper and Peter Olah and last but not least – two sets of glasses designed by LASVIT´s art director Maxim Velcovsky – Muster Cup and Neogothic.